The Schaffner FLAPWHEEL is an abrasive grinding and polishing tool that permits the truck wheel finisher to produce the ultimate surface finish. The FLAP WHEEL is pre-contoured to the shape of the Aluminum Rim allowing for fast break in and has the unique ability to hold the shape of the part being finished. Unlike abrasive belts or discs the cutting power does not diminish as the FLAP WEEL wears down allowing for the first truck wheel to have the same surface finish as the last truck wheel. The Schaffner FLAP WHEEL has been designed for economy and its longevity will prove this economy by finishing more pieces than other polishing tools. Available in grit sizes from 60 to 600 grit and with your choice of either a 5" hub for a flexibility or 8" hub for more aggressive polishing.
Unit of Measure

TITAN 1620 180 Grit Flapwheel

Discount Price / %
13 - 49
50   and up



N/A 16 in


N/A 2 in


N/A 180


N/A Aluminum Oxide


N/A 8 in

Arbor Hole

N/A 1.25 in


N/A Medium Polish