• 8 in Flange FLAPWHEEL

    Stock items include Flap Wheels, Buffing Wheels and Buffing Compounds for all major automatic truck wheel finishing machines. Schaffner has developed products for the VIS, Titan, and GEOCO machines. Most products ship within two days of receipt of order.

  • Green Extra Life Bias Buffing Wheel

    With more than six decades of experience supplying the industrial market, Schaffner has put together a grouping of it's most popular and versatile buffs to get your job done. Sized to fit any application. Many items are stocked for quick shipment.

  • General Purpose Buffing Compounds

    For over 65 years Schaffner Manufacturing has been supplying the needs of the metal finishing industry. Throughout these many years Schaffner has been called upon to develop and perfect various types of buffing compositions for our customers. Today we offer our most popular trio S-48 for extreme cut T-424 for cut and color and K-30 superior white rouge for color.

  • Custom Made FLAPWHEEL

    Schaffners abrasive Flapwheels provide the industry with the widest choice of special features. Made for applications that require specific center, diameter, and face combinations. Schaffner Flapwheels can also be made with a pre-contoured face to eliminate break in time for long run automatic polishing of uniquely shaped parts. Color codeing denotes abrasive types, grit sizes, contoured faces and production line sequences. The Schaffner Flapwheel can be made on an epoxy or a mechanical hub. Available in grits from 40 to 800 in both Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide. In widths for 1/2" to 41" and Diameters from 4" to 36".

  • Custon Made Buffing Wheel

    Schaffner metal center buffing wheels offer an infinite choice of features that will fill your specific buffing needs. Schaffner not only makes the standard buffing wheels with 3", 5", 7" and 9" centers we can provide a full line of customized buffs per customer specification. Available are buffs that range from 6" diameter to 40" diameter with or without any keyway and a wide variety of arbor sizes plies, pleats, folds, fingers, segments, sewing in cotton polycotton or sisal fabrics. Minimum quantities apply.

  • Custom Made Buffing Compounds

    Schaffner offers buffing compound for automatic or hand applications on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, zinc, copper,brass, as well as plastic and acrylics. Schaffner achievements include the No Nubbin MEG-A-VAT system to eliminate product waste and drum disposal and liquid buffing compound that maintains a specific thickness range and that is resistant to the freeze thaw cycle. Minimum quantities apply.